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Quote board

Niet bijzonder veel autosport het afgelopen weekend, want de Formule 1 was weer bezig. Maar het Grand Prix-weekend in Hongarije was dus wel druk, en goed voor een aantal mooie uitspraken.

I have a question for Mr. Domenicali. I have a friend who likes to bet a lot of money and he is a big fan of Felipe Massa. He thinks he can win this grand prix, so can I phone him and tell him he can bet a lot of money on Felipe?” – Ook Rally & More-journalist Michael Trawniczek heeft Ferrari nog niet vergeven voor de teamorders in Duitsland.

No question, we don’t have an optimised car for qualifying. But we do have a very good race car. And in the end we’ve won races and we’re leading both world championships, and both of our drivers are first and second. So I find it slightly infuriating, and I’ve voiced my opinion, when my guys get out of the cars and say, ‘I wish I was on the front row’ and build in the media the perception that we are giving them cars that are less capable of winning races. I do point out to them, ‘Well, I still think you won four races between the two of you. Aren’t you leading the world championship?’ It’s the nature of drivers.” – Ron Dennis heeft zich weer met het Mclaren-Formule 1-team bemoeid.

I just think I am a just guy, and justice was made today in a way because I think he has been stopped three years and he didn’t change a thing. He is still the same guy.” – Rubens Barrichello na de Grand Prix van Hongarije over Michael Schumacher.

If Michael [Schumacher] wants to go to heaven – in the event that he is going to heaven – then I don’t really care. But I don’t want to go before him.” – Rubens Barrichello, wederom.

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